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7 Sure-Fire Ways to Use Video to Inspire Donors

by Carol Buckheit on August 27, 2012

You don’t need to be James Cameron to create a quality video that will move your donors to contribute to your cause. But, if you can tell a story with video and incorporate these seven elements, you are well on your way to inspiring donors to join you in creating change. 1. Tell a story […]


Are donors your organization’s primary audience? Do you wish to convey the impact of your work in a dynamic, personal way? I see many nonprofits jump into the blogosphere with zeal, yet post text-heavy, technical, lengthy (read: boring) blog posts that leave donors with glazed eyes and no emotional connection.  Worse, some groups think an […]


Remember the days when trick-or-treaters would go door-to-door in your neighborhood with little orange boxes to collect donations for UNICEF? Well, just as the little orange box has gone digital, so has “peer-to-peer” fundraising—soliciting friends, neighbors, and family for contributions to your favorite cause. The good news is that schlepping door-to-door has given way to […]


Growing an online community that will ultimately go out and DO something to effect change is hard.  Really hard. So I tracked down the folks at Health Justice CT. Led by Project Manager Heang Tan (with a big assist from the enthusiastic Jenn Whinnem at the CT Health Foundation), they  had caught my eye with […]


Photo Release Forms: What Nonprofits Need to Know

by Carol Buckheit on February 22, 2012

Does your nonprofit shoot photos and videos of people, and publish them on websites, print newsletters, or social media channels? Do you have permission to use those images, even for internet mediums yet unheard-of? In this Part 2 of  “media minutes” with award-winning photojournalist Shana Sureck, learn what a good photo release form should include, […]


Shoot Video Like a Pro: Tips from a Photojournalist

by Carol Buckheit on December 8, 2011

Nonprofit organizations often enlist staff and volunteers to create videos to enliven their storytelling via websites and social media–there’s just not a more emotionally powerful way to drive fundraising and advocacy campaigns.  But can “non-media” folks really create quality videos? Yes! This week, I have camera in hand to talk to Shana Sureck, an award-winning […]

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I’m stumped. As I hopscotch around  Connecticut training nonprofit organizations in social media strategies, I’m amazed that so few have delved into my favorite social media tool: YouTube. Granted, nearly all my clients are small to medium organizations with tiny staffs, but, hey, YouTube is the number two search engine in the world, free, and […]


A few months back, I blogged about creative, strategic ways that nonprofit organizations are using custom Facebook landing pages to advocate, grow support, publicize events, and fundraise. Why land supporters on a Facebook “welcome” page instead of driving folks directly to one’s Facebook wall? Because it’s an opportunity for immediate action and engagement. The response to my post […]


Yes, Virginia, Activism Can Be Fun

by Carol Buckheit on June 29, 2010

What kinds of communications capture attention? A few weeks back, Pew Internet released their report, Online Video Watching and Downloading. They reported that 7 in 10 American adults have used the internet to watch video, and humorous or comedy videos have surpassed news, educational, and political videos as the most-watched type of video. What might […]