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Coupled with maintaining  a first-rate website, sending informative, quality emails to supporters is the bedrock of nonprofit communications. Email is still king of the communications empire–whether one is cultivating donors, recruiting volunteers, or promoting a new program. Why? It still tends to yield consistently better results than any other online tool. So why, why, why […]


In the past nine months, two new social media tools have splashed their way to the shores of the nonprofit world– Google Plus and Pinterest.  Is your nonprofit missing valuable opportunities for engaging new supporters if you haven’d yet embraced these tools? How should you decide whether to devote valuable staff time to establishing brand […]


A Fire Won’t Slow This Nonprofit in the Cloud

by Carol Buckheit on September 15, 2011

The worst nightmare for a nonprofit or business may well be arson. Last week, it happened to End Hunger Connecticut! Their Hartford office was severely damaged by fire, and they’ve temporarily moved into their old space until their office is restored. I caught up with Lucy Nolan, End Hunger Connecticut’s imperturbable Executive Director (“We have no […]


I subscribe to scores of e-mail lists and e-newsletters from nonprofit organizations around the country and I’m amazed at how many ways orgs can mess these things up, wasting engagement opportunities (and hours of staff time) because of a few simple missteps.  How can an organization cut through the email thicket and increase that open […]


How could a tiny nonprofit organization like ours—with a staff of 7—organize a rally for hundreds of people within a day? With volunteers. Lots of ‘em. Especially hearty college students. Here’s what happened: In October 2008, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that same sex couples had the right to marry, making our state the third […]


5 Shining Stars that CT Nonprofits Should be Thankful For

by Carol Buckheit on November 23, 2010

With apologies to you vegetarians out there, it’s time to talk turkey this Thanksgiving week, and I’m giving up a favored drumstick to these folks who make the lives of Connecticut nonprofit organizations much, much easier.   CT Mirror: The Mirror is approaching its first birthday in January, and what a year it has been […]


6 Nonprofit Tech Guides That Will Save you Time and Money

by Carol Buckheit on October 11, 2010

Since I’m often on information overload when it comes to ever-changing nonprofit media and technology trends, I appreciate when some folks take the time to research, organize, and update all of it in one handy guide. Here are some favorite new guides that I’ve already downloaded and dog-eared (and why you might want to do […]

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Nonprofit organizations that harness the power and potential of smartphones can create new community networks, spark interest in the arts and sciences, mobilize volunteers, and inspire ordinary citizens to take action like never before. Plenty of powerful apps exist that can significantly aid the work of nonprofit organizations.  No need to create your own.  Just […]


You’ve seen them: the nonprofit advocacy organizations who turn out 2,000 people to a rally, generate hundreds of calls to legislators in a few hours, cram a Board of Education meeting, mobilize members to send thousands of emails to decision-makers, and organize scores of volunteers for a community action. How do these highly effective organizations […]

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