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A few months back, I blogged about creative, strategic ways that nonprofit organizations are using custom Facebook landing pages to advocate, grow support, publicize events, and fundraise. Why land supporters on a Facebook “welcome” page instead of driving folks directly to one’s Facebook wall? Because it’s an opportunity for immediate action and engagement. The response to my post […]


How could a tiny nonprofit organization like ours—with a staff of 7—organize a rally for hundreds of people within a day? With volunteers. Lots of ‘em. Especially hearty college students. Here’s what happened: In October 2008, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that same sex couples had the right to marry, making our state the third […]


Last week, I led a media training for local nonprofit leaders, and they spent a good deal of time energetically peppering me with questions and ideas about the power of social media to create change. They get it. They know that they will not survive unless they embrace these new tools. The world is a-changin’, […]


You’ve seen them: the nonprofit advocacy organizations who turn out 2,000 people to a rally, generate hundreds of calls to legislators in a few hours, cram a Board of Education meeting, mobilize members to send thousands of emails to decision-makers, and organize scores of volunteers for a community action. How do these highly effective organizations […]

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How do we get our issue in the news? Why doesn’t the press call our staff for an expert opinion? How do we get to know our local reporters? These are common questions from organizations who want to maximize their media exposure, yet lack a dedicated communications professional to lead the way. Fear not. I’m […]