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Yesterday, I headed over to Hartford for my morning coffee and bagels and a talk on “Mastering Your Message: The Enduring Art of the Sound Byte” by PR pros Dick Pirozzollo, Barry Nolan, and Mike Salius.  (If you haven’t been to any of these monthly events sponsored by the Connecticut Valley Chapter of the Public Relations […]


35 Indispensable Hashtags for Connecticut Tweeters

by Carol Buckheit on April 26, 2012

Twitter hashtags–# symbols preceding keywords– are integral to the Twitterverse, helping users organize conversations into  categories. Clicking on a hashtag in a tweet shows you all the aggregated tweets on a topic–from Tweeters all over the world. Hashtags are created organically by Twitter users; some are used regularly and others come and go (e.g. when […]


5 Shining Stars that CT Nonprofits Should be Thankful For

by Carol Buckheit on November 23, 2010

With apologies to you vegetarians out there, it’s time to talk turkey this Thanksgiving week, and I’m giving up a favored drumstick to these folks who make the lives of Connecticut nonprofit organizations much, much easier.   CT Mirror: The Mirror is approaching its first birthday in January, and what a year it has been […]