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In my view, Mark Zuckerberg has handed nonprofit organizations, businesses and other “brands” a Pinterest-like marketing opportunity with the introduction of the cover image for Facebook’s new Timeline. If nothing else, the meteoric rise of Pinterest in the social networking world demonstrates the appeal of distinctive images that invite curiosity, astonish, surprise, or inspire.  Folks […]

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In the past nine months, two new social media tools have splashed their way to the shores of the nonprofit world– Google Plus and Pinterest.  Is your nonprofit missing valuable opportunities for engaging new supporters if you haven’d yet embraced these tools? How should you decide whether to devote valuable staff time to establishing brand […]


30 Diverse Nonprofits in Connecticut That Blog

by Carol Buckheit on February 7, 2012

Why should nonprofit organizations blog? To shape public opinion, position oneself as an expert on an issue, give volunteers and supporters a voice, and tell stories from the field (showing donors the impact of their contributions).  A blog may also significantly increase traffic to an organization’s website, since web content is refreshed frequently through blogging. […]

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