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Are you ready for the end of year fundraising push? If not, you need to read Joanne Fritz’s terrific round-up of articles to get your end- of-year fundraising appeals up to snuff.  I’ll add one more item for your website to-do list: Consider updating your online donation form to include virtual gifts–symbolic gifts/merchandise that allow […]


We all love a good story. Why does your blog leave one out?

by Carol Buckheit on September 28, 2011

Many nonprofits host a blog, but few really nail storytelling  like the Connecticut Food Bank did last week. Their blog featured a daily series of posts by Governor Malloy’s liaison to Connecticut’s nonprofit community, Deb Heinrich, on taking the “SNAP Challenge.”   SNAP is Connecticut’s dressed-up name for food stamps, and Heinrich attempted to live on […]


Is there a better day than Valentine’s Day for organizations to ask donors to show their love for a cause?  Nonprofit communicators can do well by using key calendar dates like VDay to spark a creative fundraising appeal or advocacy event. (The Lightbox Collaborative’s excellent 2011 Editorial Calendar is a fabulous resource on this). I […]

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