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Are donors your organization’s primary audience? Do you wish to convey the impact of your work in a dynamic, personal way? I see many nonprofits jump into the blogosphere with zeal, yet post text-heavy, technical, lengthy (read: boring) blog posts that leave donors with glazed eyes and no emotional connection.  Worse, some groups think an […]


Last week, I had a cup of coffee with one of my favorite newspaper reporters. She’s been at it over 20 years for one of the major dailies in the state, and is still happy to sit down with local community folks despite the hits taken by the newspaper industry in recent years. (Translation: she […]


I admit it: I’m an unabashed fan of Idealware, that energetic little nonprofit in Portland, Maine that produces terrific Consumer Reports-like reviews of nonprofit software from events management to blogs. Laura Quinn, Idealware’s Executive Director, is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to software for nonprofits out there trying to stretch a dollar. (I’ve taken […]

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