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Picture this:  A national medical society is hosting their annual convention in your city next week. The conventioneers want to visit local attractions during their down time, so they they look up recommendations on popular travel and review apps like Trip Advisor,  Google Maps, Yelp, and Foursquare. Your organization is one of the major cultural […]


Can you believe that iPhone apps have only been around for a little over 3 years? Since Apple launched their App Store in July, 2008, over 15 billion apps have been downloaded onto mobile devices. As someone who spent thousands of hours toiling away as a community organizer, grassroots fundraiser, and communications director, I have […]

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One of my favorite activities over the last several months (besides fishing out my morning newspaper from snowbanks on my front porch) has been training nonprofit boards and staff on social media strategies. Invariably, someone has an exasperating anecdote from the familiar world of do-gooders in the land of limited resources.  We all have some […]


Nonprofit organizations that harness the power and potential of smartphones can create new community networks, spark interest in the arts and sciences, mobilize volunteers, and inspire ordinary citizens to take action like never before. Plenty of powerful apps exist that can significantly aid the work of nonprofit organizations.  No need to create your own.  Just […]