Got Donors? Use Multimedia and Storytelling to Rock Your Blogs

by Carol Buckheit on August 21, 2012

Are donors your organization’s primary audience? Do you wish to convey the impact of your work in a dynamic, personal way?

I see many nonprofits jump into the blogosphere with zeal, yet post text-heavy, technical, lengthy (read: boring) blog posts that leave donors with glazed eyes and no emotional connection.  Worse, some groups think an effective blog is a litany of the organization’s activities for the week.

News flash: Donors want to know how their dollars are making change–how people’s lives have been made better through their giving. Put it this way: They don’t care that 200 people called your crisis hotline; they want to know the story of a real person get who your hotline helped to get on their feet again.

Need examples? These nonprofit  blogs incorporate human interest stories with eye-catching multimedia to highlight the stories of  people (or animals) who have been touched by their work.

The Doctors Without Borders blog is hosted on Tumblr and –true to the Tumblr platform– they are wonderfully stingy on text. Instead, they pile on the photos and videos to tell stories of their medical outreach in developing countries. Here’s a screen shot of yesterday’s post:

Doctors Without Borders Blog post 8.7.12

I love the Phoenix Zoo’s blog for the superb way they tell stories through different types of posts: video blogs, Q  & A interviews and large, offbeat photos.  A recent post told the story of how they outfitted a Komodo dragon with a custom splint to fix a gait abnormality (who knew?), and they added a video, too:

The bottom line: show donors what exciting work they can be a part of.  To do that, you need stories AND images.

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