35 Indispensable Hashtags for Connecticut Tweeters

by Carol Buckheit on April 26, 2012

Twitter hashtags–# symbols preceding keywords– are integral to the Twitterverse, helping users organize conversations into ┬ácategories. Clicking on a hashtag in a tweet shows you all the aggregated tweets on a topic–from Tweeters all over the world.

Hashtags are created organically by Twitter users; some are used regularly and others come and go (e.g. when a hashtag is created for use for a week-long conference).

Need a cheat sheet of hashtags to help you easily share news about all things Connecticut with your Twitter pals?

Download this list of 35 hashtags of all things Connecticut, categorized from politics and government to news.

Feel free to tape it up next to your computer as a quick reference.

Got more? Leave a comment. I’ll keep updating this list.

#NHV hashtag screenshot

Screen shot: #NHV hashtag (Tweets about New Haven, CT)

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